axa refused to pay my journey coverage declare … then overlooked me

first it asked for two years’ clinical records, then five. then i couldn’t get each person to answer the phone

i filed a $414 (£359) travel coverage declare with axa last october after struggling dehydration within the us. ten months later, it nonetheless has not been treated. i had provided all the requested office work, which includes three years of scientific history from my gp, and in january i used to be referred to as to be advised my claim were permitted.

nothing arrived, so i referred to as again in march. after an hour, i was advised the claim changed into nevertheless being processed.

in may, i then acquired an email declaring it had been refused, and requesting 5 years of scientific records to see if that might exchange the final results. i duly did so, and were given affirmation of receipt in june.

that changed into the closing i heard. i’ve emailed, and calls just drop after ages caught in the queue.

lh, london

client stories on the assessment internet site trustpilot tell a comparable story of indefinite waits in the telephone queuing device, calls cut off and emails not noted. it’s probable you’d be marking the anniversary of your declare in limbo if i hadn’t roped within the press workplace.

axa did no longer address my questions about staffing tiers, nor did it explain the verbal promise to pay out in march, however it did admit that you had been let down. it says that your declare was refused because you did no longer declare a previous urinary tract contamination (uti) while you took out the policy.

however, it will now pay out to make up for its terrible carrier. you insist that, even though your docs within the us to start with suspected a uti, the subsequent lab document recognized dehydration.

pre-existing medical situations are a vexed issue for travellers. software forms require customers to detail every disorder for which they’ve sought scientific advice over the last years or extra, and insurers can seize on a forgotten minor illness to refuse paying out for an unrelated main one.

the application form for your policy required you to list any situations for which you’ve been prescribed remedy during the last years. i find it troubling, therefore, that axa required your clinical records for the past 5 years. i placed this to the organization, which answered evasively that it had to start with asked for 2 years’ well worth.

in step with the economic ombudsman provider, an insurer can moderately reject a claim that has not anything to do with a pre-existing circumstance, if they can display that they might no longer have allowed the coverage to be taken out had the condition been disclosed. axa tells me that, had it been aware of your preceding uti, it would have sold you a distinct coverage.

martyn james of proceedings internet site resolver says a few insurers delve into clinical facts seeking out a reason to keep away from a payout. “it’s referred to as fishing,” he says, “and it’s likely greater full-size that we recognise, due to the fact maximum people simply be given it while a declare is refused.”

rate evaluation web sites tend to persuade clients to the cheapest coverage alternatives that seem, in precis, to have them blanketed for most scenarios.

it’s in the terms and conditions, which few fully examine, that a myriad of exclusions and regulations are exact. it’s therefore vital to read them and declare every sickness you can don’t forget, however insignificant – even if it risks increasing the premium.

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