bosch warns automobile industry about setting all its eggs in the lithium-ion basket

the head of mobility for bosch warns the sector needs an alternative to lithium-ion batteries so one can avoid a deliver disruption.

markus heyn, head of mobility offerings for bosch, has a few sturdy critiques approximately the car industry’s reliance on lithium-ion batteries. automotive information europe reviews that he told german newspaper stuttgarter zeitung these days that the enterprise ought to have a look at the turmoil precipitated when russia decided to close off methane resources to europe. the end result is chaos — soaring power prices, human beings freezing of their homes, factories unable to produce items due to strength regulations, and so on.

“we are currently seeing the effects of the gasoline scarcity for germany and europe due to the fact we organized too few alternatives,” heyn stated. “within the car industry, we ought to use this event to invite ourselves what we are able to do if there have to ever be too few battery cells.”

if that were to show up, “each person might simply like to see an opportunity to battery power. but this can only exist if we’ve prepared it in properly time.” one opportunity heyn noted is fuel cells that use hydrogen and oxygen to make the energy had to power electric powered motors. the infrastructure being advanced for long haul vehicles is well perfect to act as a “spine for providing passenger motors,” he added.

he’s now not wrong. weren’t we all taught as kids no longer positioned all our eggs in one basket? shouldn’t russia’s decision to use energy as a political weapon be a warning to us all?

we at cleantechnica have been energetic cheerleaders for the ev revolution. we tend to look askance at gas cells and with true cause. elon musk instructed us years in the past that they are nothing more than “fool cells” because there are so many conversions essential to create the hydrogen that then has to be transformed returned to strength. the entire manner is a long way not as good as simply making batteries and the use of them to energy electric cars inside the first area.

elon sees the arena from an engineer’s perspective. for him, performance is the primary consideration. heyn sees the arena thru the lens of revel in. what he’s simply saying is, don’t permit perfect be the enemy of proper. he is not claiming gas cells are superior to lithium-ion batteries. what he is claiming is that as the sector embraces batteries as the pathway to a sustainable destiny, we ought to have a backup plan in case matters go awry at the way to our energy utopia. commonplace experience says there have to usually be a plan b in case plan a doesn’t work out. it’s hard to argue with that.

lithium-ion & priorities

the primary task going through humanity today is to stop treating the earth as a cesspool. we are able to continue to stay in a international that is powered by using fossil fuels or we can have a sustainable planet that will help human life for tens of thousands of years — perhaps longer. however we will’t have both.

are electric automobiles part of that future? clearly. strolling our mopeds, tuk-tuks, vehicles, trucks, trains, and airplanes on fossil fuels is a death sentence for human existence on this planet. but as essential as this is, perhaps a fair better priority is capturing as a good deal electricity as possible from the sun. what we do with that strength afterwards is a secondary attention.

right now, we’ve got almost more solar strength than we want for the duration of the peak of the day. in truth, lots of it gets wasted due to the fact it can’t be placed to use right away. many trust that extra electricity must be used to make green hydrogen, with the intention to serve as a shape of battery itself.

make it these days, use it to strength a gasoline cellular vehicle or a 0 emissions metallic factory the next day. what’s incorrect with that? from a muskian factor of view, it’s miles horribly inefficient and therefore not worth of consideration. however from a practical attitude, it may be simply the price ticket.

fees for battery substances — specially lithium — have reached insane degrees recently. you may be a gearhead who loves the sound of a v-8 engine, however would you continue to power a traditional car if the rate of gasoline become $10 a gallon? the lithium-ion battery is an amazing aspect, however it is able to be too high-priced to power an ev revolution. perhaps the ones precious battery cells ought to be reserved to be used in strength storage in preference to for human beings to potter down to the piggly wiggly in their electric powered vehicles to shop for groceries.

converting horses in midstream
markus heyn may also have a factor, but perhaps his idea need to be constrained to heavy transportation — trains, ships, and lengthy haul cargo vehicles. the ev revolution is just stepping into high equipment with big quantities of money being spent to convert factories to electric vehicle manufacturing. consider if all those producers had to forestall what they may be doing and begin generating gasoline cellular powered cars! the enterprise could be in chaos.

gasoline cells have a few awesome risks for use in private passenger vehicles. for one aspect, the storage tanks are heavy and cumbersome. an ev battery p.c. may be placed beneath the floor, however a tank is much less malleable. they almost must be spherical for you to deal with the superb pressures worried in storing hydrogen. becoming a round tank into a square shape is a assignment, to say the least.

gas cells also lack the electricity of a lithium-ion battery % to accelerate quick — one of the functions of electric vehicles that drivers like exceptional. the fee of hydrogen fueling stations is outrageously high. ford dealers can be up in palms about the price of including dc rapid charging system at their dealerships, however that may be a fraction of what adding hydrogen filling stations could price. ultimately, you may’t refuel your fuel cellular car at home the manner you recharge your ev.

the hydrogen dream
bosch will invest greater than $200 million to supply gas mobile stacks within the us at its factory in anderson, south carolina. manufacturing is expected to begin and create as a minimum 350 new jobs. bosch ranks no. 1 at the car information europe list of the top 100 worldwide providers with international income to automakers of $forty nine.1 billion in 2021.

maybe it’s time for ev advocates to lighten up at the complete fuel cell factor. for the following few years, the cost of electrical cars is possibly to stay better than essential because of deliver constraints that hold the fee of lithium-ion batteries excessive. there are any number of humans running to find options to lithium, however none are commercially possible yet. additionally, there may be push back taking vicinity over new lithium mines.

deliver constraints have a way of sparking new resources of supply and new technologies, but in the period in-between, heyn’s concept that we must set an anchor to windward merits attention.

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