legal professional for malaysian in guantanamo slams us authorities over slow trial

the yankee lawyer protecting one of two malaysian terror suspects held within the guantanamo bay army prison has lashed out at us authorities for his or her failure to hasten the court docket process.

brian bouffard accused the navy courtroom of making an “infinite quasi-legal kabuki theatre” to hold detainees within the prison indefinitely.

he said dates for the following listening to have been nov 1 and a couple of – 15 months after the complaints have been postponed when the defence complained the malay and indonesian translators have been incompetent.

“in approaches first rate and small, the guantanamo bay army commission continues as a daily affront to our values,” he told fmt in an e mail.

“if my people absolutely care about justice, duty and human rights, we need to do more than just say so. phrases are smooth. they permit us to pretend.

“to illustrate honour, braveness and commitment by using directly and pretty attempting these guys or liberating them is more difficult.”

bouffard is the lead suggest for mohammed nazir lep, who has been held for nearly two decades in solitary confinement.

nazir, fellow malaysian mohammed farik amin and indonesian encep nurjaman face 8 joint charges, together with seven associated with the twin bombings that killed 202 human beings in bali in october 2002 and a bombing at the jw marriott lodge in jakarta in august 2003.

they have been arrested in thailand in 2003 and despatched to mystery cia-operated black web sites earlier than being moved to guantanamo bay in 2006.

bouffard said there was no clean and sincere accountability for those who accredited and inflicted torture on suspects and there was “virtually nothing” to save you them from conserving their victims indefinitely.

he said the honourable opportunity would be speedy and honest public trials, however he introduced that such systems often had a manner of exposing bad people in excessive locations.

“of path, they won’t permit that appear. that is mainly offensive to me and others who guard those guys.”

he entreated the decide to prevent any government interference with legal professional-client privileges. he did now not complex, announcing “this harassment is simply the modern-day small hyperlink in an unbroken chain of abuse in opposition to the men held here”.

at their arraignment on aug 30 and 31 last yr, all three detainees refused to enter a plea, citing bias and the incompetence of the interpreters.

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